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Upside down auto totaled such a sad but great financial loss

September 7th, 2012 at 05:58 pm

I hit a dead deer in the road on my way home last night it was no way to avoid hitting it. My car from the looks of it according to the repair shop its totaled. I'm completely at loss as I don't have another vehicle to drive after my 30 day rental is up. However, the car is only worth about $5,000 and as you can see on my side bar I owe $12k. I'm very glad that I selected the gap option when I purchased the car. Now I have no money to buy a new car and now don't want to finance a vehicle at all. What do you do taking public transportation isn't an option as I have to drive on the beltway every morning. My job isn't in the city so its not on the bus line.