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$600 a year is what my new cell phone plan cost me

June 19th, 2012 at 07:06 am

I switched from Cricket Wireless to Verizon wireless who offers unlimited talk,text and web for $50 a month. My previous bill with cricket was $65 a month and the service wasn't that great the internet was very slow and I dropped call alot. I got so frustrated that I went through three phones within a five month period not because I did anything the phones would just go out. I figured they are just of poor quality the manufacture doesn't honor there one year guarantee they don't consider the screen going black a manufacture problem??? So while my annual savings is only $180 bucks it eats up some of my upcoming rent increase. My rent is going to increase starting august by $32 a month so i'm tweaking in my budget to see what other costs I can cut.

How do I get started with creating a budget? Please help

June 7th, 2012 at 07:00 am

I've took the first step in making a change in my bad financial habits. I've admitted that I have a problem lol not managing my money properly the obvious right?? Now I need help with creating a budget what are your best tips/advice? I want to get this together this month so I can get started with my debt repayment plan. What are averages that should be spent in each category? Anything thing you can help with helps a great deal.

Thanks in advance!!!