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Only spent $5 today which is a first for me

August 25th, 2012 at 08:31 pm

My usual Saturday would include an automatic $50 spent by noon at the hair salon maybe another thirty to forty at a restuarant for lunch. Than no telling what other household products/groceries I'd need to pick up. I am very happy that I wrote my budget out on paper and kept cash in my pocket. I find it too easy to overspend money when i'm swiping my debit card. I'm more prone to think twice when I have to give up the cash out of my purse. I ended up spending $1 on chicken nuggets for my little one on our ride to the store. I had to purchase juice which cost me just a little over four dollars. However, $5 is a great number for me as I am determined to get out of debt.

Fathers day gift saved well over 90% of cost

June 18th, 2012 at 07:11 am

My df wanted the last season of True blood on dvd. A friend of his paid him back $80 he had borrowed a little while ago. My df decided to split the $80 with me so I used my portion to purchase the dvd which was on sale for $39 at best buy. I spent $5 out of pocket for a couple ballons,gift bag and tissue at the dollar store. I'm so happy that I spent the money "wisely" as it would have been easy to hit the nail shop with it and spend another $40 out of my pocket for the dvd.

Time to buckle down Payroll Cleared early this morning

June 14th, 2012 at 08:13 am

So I'm very excited that today is payday but what exacts me most about it is that I have a plan. I sat down the last two nights facing the reality of my past actions. My credit cards all at its capacity the number of parking tickets I have are outrageous but no need in dwelling on the fact. Its time to sacrifice my normal $50 payday walmart adventure was cut down to $17 on bare necessities toothpaste,papertowels etc..... Really happy with myself that I didn't go throwing things in the cart as previously before I made a list and stuck to it. My only wrong doing I believe was going to walmart prior to making my planned billed payments. I have it all written down just need to hand the money over.lol